This is where I will "sound off" about the things that "rub" me the wrong way :>

From My own thoughts:

It is time to start using "alcohols" from grains grown here is the US.

1. We are dependent only on ourselves for our fuel needs
Tell all the countries bleeding our economy dry to drink their oil.

2. We no longer need to spend tons of money supporting farmers as grain prices would soar!
It is about time for farmers to make decent money for all their hard work!!

3. The waste produced is high protein feed for our farms!
Waste is not a good name. I like "byproduct" better


If you have any "one liners" please e-mail them to me and I will post them here.

People doing stupid things:

1. Driving in the far left lane on the Interstate and going slow.

2. Parking right in front of the grocery store (in the fire lane).

3. Passing you on a double yellow line and then turning right at the next block.

4. Stopping where you should only yield.

5. Stopping to make a right turn on a green light.

People saying stupid things:

1. "I drink the beer for the taste".

2. "My 16 year old daughter is sleeping with her 25 year old boyfriend under my roof, but what can you do".

3. "I am the best builder (with out a contractors license) in the world!"