This is where you will find links to good sources for computer hardware and services.

Local ISP's:

Network Tallahassee  The best ISP I have found in the Tallahassee area. They provide Dialup and offer DSL in serviceable areas.

Don't even bother with the local cable company unless it is the last resort for high speed internet. Plus business connections cost nearly 3 times all other high speed providers in the Tallahassee area. In the South Georgia area Bell South has very good DSL. In Thomasville Ga. avoid the cities internet service as it has to be the worst ISP I have ever worked with.

Please contact me if you need an ISP in any other areas in South Georgia and North Florida.

Computer and electronic parts suppliers:

New Egg has supplied my customers computer parts needs for several years. Good prices and fast service.

PC Nation has a large selection of retail computer products.

All Electronics has a great selection of surplus "stuff" for playing.

New Fuels links:

I saw 65 and 20 cents a gallon here on 2 plant estimates


More links to come!!!!