Links to videos of a Fedex delivery that bent the arm of my electric gate and left it not closing completely. He also tried to cover 2 large boxes with one small plastic bag. The light wind blew the small plastic bag off the boxes and then it rained. The weather station at the airport 2 miles away recorded over an inch on rain after the delivery.  Thanks Fedex!  Luckly I bought the computer parts from and thay are making it good.  Also some pictures of the very soaked boxes below. I requested that block any future shipments from Fedex :>

Links to videos:

video1  High res (large file)  note the small plastic bag he is tring to cover 2 boxes with

video2 High Res (large file)Same time from different angle note the gate did not close after he forced it open

video3 Just another view

video4 You can see the gate not closing after he forced it open

video5 The bag not covering the boxes

video6 another view

video7 bag blowing off top box

video8 Top box exposed now

video9 nice hard rain with cover almots off top box and bottem box only covered by upper box and still getting soaked

2nd Day Fedex Delivery Hell

Same delevery person brought another package and left  it to the elements again.

Video2ndday Delivered package with light plastic bag and again just draping the plastic bag over the box.

I guess they are not trained to tie a simple knot so rain won't get in and it won't blow away. Later in the video the box falls off yesterdays delivery.

Then as expected you can see that another shower soaks the box and now the plastic bag is under the box and held water very well. At the end of the video is my new delivery service!



I use VLC player to play videos. VLC plays anything!